The Annual Congregational Meeting was held on Friday 5 November 2010. We heard several reports on various aspects of church life over the past year. Alan Gray re-capped on some of the special events that had taken place and he also gave¬†feedback on the work of the Finance and Property Committee. Brian Waring shared his experience of hosting the 2010 Annual Methodist Church in Ireland Conference in June and Neil Morris gave an update on the work of the Witness and Outreach committee in working towards its aims within the 5 year plan. Throughout, Karen chaired the meeting and we learnt some interesting but little known facts about her! People were encouraged to complete a slogan in no more than 20 words – I love Sydenham Methodist Church because … Karen also informed the meeting of the new appointments to Church Council. The evening concluded with supper and an opportunity to mix together, chat and comment on how comfortable the new chairs are!