On Saturday 15 May 2010, 18 hungry men set off to Harlequins Rugby Club for a special farewell breakfast for Greg. Upon arrival we were ushered into a private side room, and with the sun beating in through the windows instead of the usual Corn flakes and toast we would normally have at our monthly meeting we tucked into a sumptuous Ulster Fry – what more could a man ask for? The breakfast was beautifully cooked by chefs Michael (the better looking of the Sunerton brothers) and Barry.  There was even seconds available, so there was no excuse for anyone leaving hungry. We did the Sydenham Men proud as there were a lot of empty plates, after all it would have been impolite not to eat it all after the effort that went into preparing it!!

 When everyone had eaten their fill Greg gave us a short talk, and despite the full tummies no one fell asleep. Before we left Paul presented him with a gift on behalf of the Men’s Breakfast.

 A very big thanks to Paul Sunerton for organising the last meeting of the session away from base, and Michael and Barry for cooking such a great breakfast. I would also like to thank Greg for all the support and encouragement he has given the Men’s breakfast over the years.

 Alan Gray